I Keep Diamonds…

Film of mobile phone photographs, made in response to a poem of love texts by the artist Tracey Moberley

Another juxtaposition

A few of my photographs have been included in the tumblr blog: black mountain mass.  The blog presents passages of text alongside photographs and other artists images found on the internet. It’s a great site to lose yourself in.

My images, from ‘this table is sad…‘ and ‘I Keep Diamonds…‘, have been placed with lines from John Tyndall’s ‘The Glaciers of the Alps’.

Here are the posts (click through them to get to the blog):


I Keep Diamonds… the film

Made in response to Tracey Moberly‘s poem of love texts.  Artist Inga Tillere also made this film in response to the same poem.

Both were exhibited at the Foundry, Old Street, London on Sunday 7th March 2010 – part of the Radio Joy live broadcast.  For more information and related things see  The FoundryRadio Joy,  and  The Band of Holy Joy.

Loves Dirty Habit

some info on what to expect on Sunday 7th March…


I Keep Diamonds...

You can also find out more from The FoundryRadio Joy,  and  The Band of Holy Joy.

Tracey keeps diamonds – new work in progress

Test for a collaboration with artist Tracey Moberly, for exhibition on 7th March 2010 at The Foundry. ‘Love’s Dirty Habit’ will be broadcast live on Radio Joy,  featuring  The Band of Holy Joy.

I Keep Diamonds...