About Me

I’m an artist working with photography – in print, projection, and site specific installation.  Originally from Sheffield, Yorkshire, I currently live and work in London.

My practice takes place in the dialogue between the inner self and the every day, working with sequences of images to create narrative structures.  I am interested in the dichotomy between the transient and the permanent and how this can be challenged according to the context in which it is viewed.  I enjoy experimenting with a range of equipment and techniques, guided by the subject matter, and working  with analogue and digital processes to create a unique mood and energy.

In 2013 I won the Islington Exhibits Artists Awards, and have since been Awarded Honourable Mentions in the 2014 Mobile Photography Awards, the 2015 iPhone Photography Awards, and the 2015 IPA One Shot Award, as well as in two exhibitions with PH21 Gallery, Budapest. I was also awarded finalist in 4 categories of the 2015 Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for Women Photographers, and was shortlisted for  Life Framer edition II (colours).

Selected works are represented for publication purposes by Millennium Images, London, and you can also find my work on Getty istock.

© Unless otherwise stated all images copyright Nicola Jayne Maskrey.

This is me putting together a projection based installation

This is me building a projection based installation for Islington Exhibits (2013 Artists Award Winner)

To look through my wider portfolio, including biog of exhibitions go to: www.njmaskrey.com, or buy prints at www.Artfinder.com/npicola.  You can also find me at: www.lensculture.com/npicola or follow me on twitter @npicola and facebook, on tumblr and Instagram

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