Work for Sale!

I’ve just made a few more editions of Ophelia #1-6, if you would like to buy single images or a set, please get in touch!

Ophelia #1 (from Ophelia 1-6, Edition 4) – Polaroid Emulsion Lifts

Original Polaroid Emulsion Lift onto acid free water colour paper.  Signed recto, mounted on conservation grade board.  Each print is unique and handmade by me.  1 in a set of 6 images, from a limited edition run of 30 sets.

Image size – approximately 12cm x 9cm, mount size A3.

Prints are available as single images or sets.  For more information please contact me.

Shot underwater, the photographs are made into Polaroid 669 prints and soaked in a hot water bath to lift the emulsion containing the image from the paper beneath. The emulsion is then floated onto water colour paper and arranged into position. The very nature of the process continues the theme of the subject matter, and ensures that each original handmade print is completely unique in its tones and arrangement.



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