Help fund Jelly Snakes and a Frozen Pond print could be yours!

Simon Warwick Green, one of the most interesting and unusual artists I have ever worked with, is making a new film – Jelly Snakes.  Simon’s films are like nothing else you’ve ever seen.

Jelly Snakes is one of eight projects selected from around the world by the prestigious Binger Writers and Producers FilmLab 2013

It’s a feature length comedy about a 16-year old Brian Eno enthusiast, who tries to escape his dysfunctional family life, by listening to Eno, making his ‘sound sculptures’ and attempting to seduce a 35-yr-old mother-of-two who lives next door.

Simon’s raising funds for the project on indiegogo, to find out more about the project and how to donate click here.

In addition to a credit and a preview screening he is thanking  donors with limited edition prints, signed music videos and original artworks.  Prints include a limited edition run of this film still photograph that I made for his film The Frozen Pond:

Film still from 'The Frozen Pond' by Simon Warwick Green
Film still from ‘The Frozen Pond’ by Simon Warwick Green

If you have any questions about the project or the artworks, videos and prints contact Simon directly via
Facebook or tumblr, or twitter


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