For one day only… Sunday 27th July, NW5

On Sunday 27th July I’ll be at this year’s Alma Street Fair, selling original limited edition prints from my series Ophelia #1-6.

This annual festival across Alma Street and Inkerman Road, NW5 celebrates the diverse talents of Kentish Town, London.

The fair is on Sunday 27th July, from 12-7pm at Alma Street and Inkerman Road, NW5, London

There are two stages, and lots of lovely food and goodies for sale on Alma Street. Inkerman Road is also transformed into an outdoor art gallery filled with exhibitions, print sales and art workshops.  This is where you’ll find me and my Ophelia prints – with complete sets and individual prints for sale.  I might also be showing some new work too – more on that later.

This is my first year at the festival so I’m very excited to be taking part! Fingers crossed for good weather!


Ophelia #1 - Polaroid emulsion lift
Ophelia #1 – Polaroid emulsion lift


Ophelia #1-6

Ophelia #1-6 is an exploration of the story of Shakespeare’s Ophelia, made in response to studying previous artistic interpretations of the text such as Waterhouse and Millais.  Combining underwater digital photography with alternative printing methods, this series studies the destruction and turmoil that lies beneath the romanticism and serenity suggested in traditional representations of her fate, both in image and process.

This is a limited edition run of 30 sets of hand made original prints, signed recto and mounted on conservation grade board. Print size 12cm x 9cm, mount size 30cm x 42cm.

After creating these underwater photographs I repeatedly printed and re-photographed them using lo-fi techniques to simultaneously intensify and degrade the images. In the final stage I used the now discontinued Polaroid 669 film to make water-based emulsion lifts onto textured watercolour paper; the destructive yet delicate nature of the process continuing the themes of the subject matter.


More information:

To find out more about Ophelia #1-6 take a look at my website, more information is here on this blog, or you can contact me directly.

You can follow this year’s festival on twitter: @AlmaStreetFair

Or you can read more about it here:




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