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Love and Death (part one) revisited

At the weekend I went to the alley behind Gibson Gardens to see if the first picture was still surviving…

When I got there I found a very large (but unlocked) gate, and through it the whole alley had been cleaned up.  But the picture was still there, and someone had set out a garden chair in front of it so you could sit down and look straight into the picture!  I was thrilled!

Love and Death (part one)

Original photograph from this table is sad because no one is sitting at it (M-CNV00019)

with Inga Tillere


blurry goodness

the night of the first cherry blossom – i have no real idea why…

the shots are all a few seconds, during which the wind shakes the trees. the camera’s handheld, so my movement’s recorded also.

nightshoots 130311-0087 Leswin Road, N16

nightshoots 130311-0068 Leswin Road, N16

nightshoots 130311-0093 Hollar Road, N16

Love and Death (part 3)

Corner at the back of Butterfield Green (off Howitt Close, off Allen Road, N16 – listed on Google Maps as Factory Road/Spenser Grove)

Love and Death (part 3)

Good shadow courtesy of Andy Lowe

Love and Death (part 3)

Original photograph from this table is sad because no one is sitting at it (F-CNV00079 – image #13)

Meanwhile, in the alley behind The Auld Shillelagh part 2 is long gone,   but in the alley behind Gibson Gardens part 1 is still going strong:

Love and Death (part 1) at 11 weeks

with Inga Tillere

over exposing plants at night

Evering Road, N16

this is what happens when you stand under a streetlamp, set your white balance to auto, and massively over expose the photo


nightshoots201110-0005 Evering Road N16


nightshoots201110-0006 Evering Road N16