Cornish Roads (hedges) in Life Framer Award!

This image from my series Cornish Roads (hedges), in Flow was selected for the winners shortlist of Theme 5 – Colours of the Life Framer Edition II Award, judged by Evgeny Tchebotarev – cofounder of the 500px online photography community.

The series is an abstract study of time, colour, movement, and the flow-state, captured in the vibrant hedges that line some of Cornwall’s twisting ancient roads.  Of the image, Life Framer said:

“Photographic cubism? The blurred memory of an artwork? Or that same artwork for a drifting mind? The image is abstract enough to disguise the subject, lost in motion, but the resulting colours and shapes are beautiful – both on the surface and in a way that encourages you to sink into them. It’s a clever photographic technique, brilliantly realised.”

Cornish Roads (hedges) - in Flow, B3306

Cornish Roads (hedges) – in Flow – B3306

Life Framer is an award designed to source and showcase outstanding photography from amateur, emerging and established photographers, aiming to bring exposure to talented photographers from all over the world.

500px is aimed at aspiring and professional photographers, with 10 million monthly active users. It is an incredible place to find inspiration and connect photographers with one another.


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