Cornish roads (hedges), in Flow – projection; in Traces

I’m really excited to finally have the opportunity to show Cornish roads (hedges), in Flow as a projection!

I’m taking part in the group exhibition ‘Traces’ at the Free Space Gallery, Kentish Town. Featuring 17 artists the exhibition runs from 22nd June – 17th July 2017, open Monday-Friday 9am-6.30pm (5pm on Fridays).


Cornish roads (hedges), in Flow – B3283-1


Our lives are the sum of millions of moments colliding to make up the past, present and the future. But what traces do these moments leave behind and how do they impact the people we are?

freespace Traces flyer

Exhibiting Artists

Alessandra Rinaudo, Andy Weiner, Antonia Attwood, Cina Aissa,
Christopher Kelly, Daniel Regan, Julia Schuster, Marcus Boyle, Maria Trimikliniotis, Naomi Woddis, Nicola Jayne Maskrey, Paloma Tendero, Rebekah Dean, Silvia Gentili, Sisi Burn and Tessa Cooney.

With a special choreographed performance on the opening night by Paola Napolitano.

The artists are all members of a monthly peer group artists exploring health and wellbeing in their practice, often covering complex and emotional experiences. Find out more about the group here.

About Cornish roads (hedges), in Flow

Set in the southern tip of Cornwall, this series explores colour, time, movement and the relationship between the artist and the land. This timed projection emphasises the transient nature of the moment in which the photographs were made, and restores a sense of the movement inherent in the subject and process.

To see more from this series take a look at my website.

About the Free Space Project

The Free Space Project is an arts and well-being charity providing arts activities, therapies, exhibitions and residencies across two NHS sites in north London. Established in 2010, our aim is to relieve mental and physical suffering through the use of the arts.

this table is sad because no one is sitting at it – time based film for projection

“I find myself repeatedly passing through my life without actually engaging with it, going through the motions but my mind elsewhere. When I am lost in my inner thoughts those inhabiting the outer world around me disappear, and I too cease to exist. My awareness of this state creates a duality of experience through which I struggle to re-engage with the present.”

Created using every day colour films and high street developing labs, this projection series employs a twin lens photographic technique to record a parallax effect that forces a continual re-evaluation of the everyday transitory moment.

‘this table is sad because no one is sitting at it’ is intended for exhibition both as a large scale projection and an intimate book.

To see more from this series go to my website, or you can buy the book online at blurb

Cornish Roads… in Colour burst

Two images from my newest body of work ‘Cornish Roads (hedges), in Flow‘ have been selected for inclusion in the exhibition Colour burst by PH21 Gallery, Budapest. Colour burst is a juried international exhibition of photographs that use colour as an integral, formative aspect of their photographic meaning – colour by signficance.

To see all the photographs in the exhibition click here: Colour burst

The exhibition runs from February 19 – March 11, 2015  at PH21 Gallery’s new gallery space in Ráday Street: PH21 Gallery, H-1085 Budapest, Ráday u. 55.

Cornish Roads (hedges), in Flow: A30 near Penzance, Cornwall

Cornish Roads (hedges), in Flow: A30 near Penzance, Cornwall

Shot entirely on an iphone 5s, ‘Cornish Roads (hedges), in Flow’ is an abstract study of time, colour, movement, and the flow-state, captured in the vibrant hedges that line some of Cornwall’s twisting ancient roads.  to see more from this series take a look at my website. Flow, as defined by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, is “completely focused intrinsic motivation” in which your attention is so focused that “body and identity disappear from consciousness” and “existence is temporarily suspended” as you “become one with the activity”.  Here is a really interesting TED talk from Csíkszentmihályi about Flow and happiness. PH21 Gallery is a contemporary exhibition space established in 2012 in Budapest, Hungary. The mission of the gallery is to provide group and solo exhibition opportunities and international exposure for contemporary photographers around the world.

‘North London street, reflected’ on show in America!

‘North London street, reflected’ has been selected for inclusion in the latest exhibition at Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon – Color Space: Contemporary Photography

Exhibition dates: The gallery exhibition is open from 1st – 20th November 2014, open Thursdays and Fridays from 12-5pm, or by appointment outside of these times.
Private view: The opening reception is on Friday 7th November, 5-8pm.
Address: Black Box Gallery, 811 East Burnside St. # 212, Portland Oregon 97214, USA
Catalogue: To buy the catalogue for the exhibition click here
North London street, reflected

North London street, reflected

The exhibition features an eclectic display of photographs that use colour to captivate, compose and stylize. There are 24 photographs on display in the gallery show, and an another 30 works are also being shown online.

Featuring work from all over the world, Black Box Gallery is dedicated to supporting and promoting a thoughtfully curated visual photographic experience for our gallery, our photographers and our audience. For more information please click here.

This photograph is part of ongoing work in progress. To see more of my developing ideas take a look at my instagram and tumblr pages.

this table is sad at The Heart Grows Fonder

My photograph ‘my father reflected in his garden’ is in Miniclick’s experimental participatory project – ‘The Heart Grows Fonder’.

this table is sad because no one is sitting at it (my father reflected in his garden)

this table is sad because no one is sitting at it (my father reflected in his garden)

Part of Miniclick’s ‘Another Way of Looking” programme, created in association with Brighton Photo Fringe and Brighton Photo Biennial 2014, this free event gives participants an opportunity to curate their own photo-book from a range of artists work – in photographs, prose, poetry, drawing, collage, etc, etc.

When: 11am-5pm, Saturday 25th October
Where: at The Miniclick Business Concern at 68MS, Middle Street, Brighton

Below is one of Miniclick’s documentary photographs of all the work ready waiting to be part of someone’s book.  And you can just about make out my photo in the middle of the shot (hanging sideways, behind the giant ear!)

As a photographer I think there’s something quite exciting about giving up a photograph to the unknown, for someone else can use it to tell their own story.

The Heart Grows Fonder - in action

The Heart Grows Fonder – in action (event documentation by Miniclick)

Here’s a link to the online gallery for the project.

My photograph is from ‘this table is sad because no one is sitting at it’, which employs a twin lens technique to consider the subjective experience of the everyday transitory moment. Click here to see more from this series on my LensCulture profile.