Cornish Roads (hedges) in Lenscratch

This photograph from my series Cornish Roads (hedges) in Flow is in the latest online group exhibition  – Road Trip – from Lenscratch.

Cornish Roads (Hedges), A30 near Penzance, Cornwall

Cornish Roads (Hedges), A30 near Penzance, Cornwall

Road Trip features photographs captured near and far, in the car and along the way. There are some great photographs – to see them all click here

Showing work by emerging and established photographers, L E N S C R A T C H is considered one of the 10 Photography-Related blogs you should be reading by Source Review,, Rangefinder and InStyle Magazine.


Happy Birthday Rowan Arts!

In celebration of the 10 year birthday of Rowan Arts,  colleagues past and present, friends and supporters were invited to contribute artwork for a fun, vibrant and eclectic group show inspired by the Dr Seuss poem. ‘Oh the places you’ll go!’.

The exhibition was launched at their party on 10th January, with patron Jeremy Corbyn, MP for Islington North speaking in testament to their work over the last decade.

Thanks to Rowan Arts continued support for my work, my two test images from ‘…and then I was the wind’ have been included in this exhibition, which means one last chance to view them before they go to their new owners.

...and then I was the wind - II (early sketch)

…and then I was the wind – II (early sketch)

...and then I was the wind - I

…and then I was the wind – I

The exhibition is the latest in their series at Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London, N7 6PA, and runs from Friday 10 January – Monday 24 February 2014, open Monday – Friday 9.00 – 5.00pm.

For more information on their exhibition and 10th birthday celebrations click here and here.

To find out more about Rowan Arts go to their website.

Chasing Shadows – rear projection tests

Here is my first test shot of Chasing Shadows rear-projected into a window space, so that it can be viewed by passers by from the street outside.  Although very rough around the edges still, I especially like how the reflection of the lit window interacts with the piece, creating another (colourful, live) layer within the otherwise frozen monotone narrative.

Fingers crossed it’ll still work when I scale it up!

Chasing Shadows street level projection - test 01

Chasing Shadows street level projection – test 01

This great article by The Mixed Reality Laboratory, Nottingham, UK was really helpful in working out suitable medium to project onto – I’d recommend it to anyone exploring with projection based installation.

Early sketches from ‘…and then I was the wind’ in Off the Ground!

My latest project still in development – ‘…and then I was the wind’ – will be in ‘Off the Ground’ – a group exhibition of artists whose work has a basis in nature.

Hosted by Resource for London in collaboration with Rowan Arts, the exhibition opens on 4th November 2013.  It also includes  the amazingly talented Ruth Parker who’s work has been featured all over the place.

Here’s a flyer with more info about the exhibition:


And here are a couple of images from the series:

...and then I was the wind - I

…and then I was the wind – I

...and then I was the wind - II (early sketch)

…and then I was the wind – II (early sketch)

For more information about the project, or the exhibition please get in touch.

‘…and then I was the wind’ (early sketches)

Here are some  of the first images from an experimental piece ‘…and then I was the wind’.

...and then I was the wind - I

…and then I was the wind – I (early sketch)

Comprising 3 series of images, I am studying the movement of air and tidal currents through vegetation and attempting to recreate the experience in the first person.

...and then I was the wind - II (early sketch)

…and then I was the wind – II (early sketch)

At times these long exposure digital photographs lose all suggestion of the subject as they give themselves over to the speed and force of the energy passing through them.

...and then I was the wind - part III (early sketch)

…and then I was the wind – part III (early sketch)

If you would like to find out more about this work please contact me.

blurry goodness

the night of the first cherry blossom – i have no real idea why…

the shots are all a few seconds, during which the wind shakes the trees. the camera’s handheld, so my movement’s recorded also.

nightshoots 130311-0087 Leswin Road, N16

nightshoots 130311-0068 Leswin Road, N16

nightshoots 130311-0093 Hollar Road, N16

old photos – long exposures in London

London Project 01

London Project 02

London Project 03

London Project 04

London Project 05

London Project 08

London Project 09

I took these around 2007-2008.  Someone described them as being “so honest they’re like being run over by a lorry”.  I don’t know about that, but recently I’ve been thinking I might like to have another go.

over exposing plants at night

Evering Road, N16

this is what happens when you stand under a streetlamp, set your white balance to auto, and massively over expose the photo


nightshoots201110-0005 Evering Road N16


nightshoots201110-0006 Evering Road N16