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Creative Islington’s Networking Event launches Islington Exhibits 2014, at Resource for London N7 6PA on Tuesday 25 Feb 2014, 6.30 – 8.30pm.

Hosted by Creative Islington in collaboration with Islington Exhibits, Reel Islington & Resource for London, bookable advice surgeries and talks throughout the evening.



At the event I spoke (very briefly) about what it was like to take part in last year’s Islington Exhibits Arts Festival as one of the Artists Awards Winners. 

Here’s a very complimentary review of the whole evening:


Find out more about how to get involved with Islington Exhibits, whether you are a local artist, crafts person, film maker, arts organisation, local venue or business.


And here’s a shot of my installation from last year’s festival:

Chasing Shadows - time based projection installation

Chasing Shadows – time based projection installation


New exhibition of Chasing Shadows prints!

The Maya Centre has invited Bekki Perriman and myself to exhibit our work as part of the launch of it’s new home in Islington!

The launch is on 19th September, with patrons  Melissa Benn, and MP Jeremy Corbyn joining the celebrations.

The Maya Centre provides free long term counselling and psychological support to women who have experienced severe trauma through domestic violence, abuse in childhood or overseas in war and conflict. It is a not for profit specialist counselling service run by women, for women.

Bekki and I are both showing work related to our award winning exhibitions at Islington Exhibits 2013 – in my case it’s 5 of the original prints from the Chasing Shadows series.

Chasing Shadows - steps

Chasing Shadows – steps

To see more images from the series take a look at my website

The exhibition is available for viewing by appointment only, please contact me for more information.

Women’s Work exhibition opens this week!

The Women’s Work exhibition opens this week at Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA.

The exhibition launches with a celebratory event on Wednesday 11th, 5-7pm, and then runs until the end of October.  For more information and opening times go to:

Organised in partnership by Rowan Arts with Trust for London and curated by Shiri Shalmy, the exhibition Women’s Work features work by emergent and established Islington artists exploring women’s cultural, social, political and domestic lives.

I’ve two images in the show – the first two in my Ophelia series of limited edition polaroid emulsion lifts.

Here’s Ophelia #1.  I’m also very pleased to say thank you to Rowan Arts for choosing Ophelia #2 as one of the promotional images for the show!

Ophelia #1

Ophelia #1 from the series Ophelia #1-6.
Limited edition polaroid emulsion lifts onto water colour paper.

These are original Polaroid Emulsion Lifts onto acid free water colour paper.  Signed recto, mounted on conservation grade board.  Each print is unique and handmade by me.

Shot underwater, the photographs are made into Polaroid 669 prints and soaked in a hot water bath to lift the emulsion containing the image from the paper beneath. The emulsion is then floated onto water colour paper and arranged into position. The very nature of the process continues the theme of the subject matter, and ensures that each print is completely unique in its tones and arrangement.

Image size – approximately 12cm x 9cm, mount size A3.  Total edition run of 30 sets.

If you’re interested exhibiting or buying my work please click here to get in touch.

Chasing Shadows at Islington Exhibits – documentation

Thanks to Rowan Arts and Islington Exhibits 2013 for giving me the opportunity; this installation is something I’d wanted to create for a long time.

Here are some documentary images, and some footage (without sound), and a record of viewer comments.


Chasing Shadows - time based installation

Chasing Shadows – time based installation – documentation 1

Chasing Shadows - time based installation

Chasing Shadows – time based installation – documentation 2

 Some of the lovely comments left by visitors:

“Exquisitely, skilfully crafted photographs. I love the movement, the merging of one image and sense into another.  You have a gift for finding such serene beauty in the easy to pass by scenes of everyday life.”

“I liked the rambling impact of nature against buildings.  The urban mundanity and beauty, emphasised by plants, trees, shadows, walls, windows makes my senses dream.”

“It perfectly demonstrates how things are really out of our control.”

“Has a strangely compelling quality – the way the images move through a journey – and each time you look you find yourself drawn in further.”

“I love the way the prints almost pour into each other.  It’s very hypnotic.”

“It is wonderful the way that very ordinary everyday things are transformed into something very mysterious.”

“I could feel the same dreamlike gaze that you must have had on your night walk.  It took me back to memories of my own walks at night time – the larger than life plants, the dark leaves but bright flowers.  For some reason I find the vegetation says more at night and that really came across through the texture and light and shade.”


I had a great time meeting people and seeing/hearing their responses, and I learned so much more about the work from those interactions. Thanks everyone!

To see the full series take a look at my website.  If you’re interested exhibiting or buying my work please click here to get in touch.

If you want to find out more about Islington Exhibits 2013 take a look at this video

Islington Exhibits – promotional images

As well as commissioning my first solo show, Rowan Arts selected one of my photographs to use as the poster image for the whole Islington Exhibits festival! Here are some examples…

Placement on websites:

London Artists Quarter:


I’m really pleased with how they used it for the programme’s; it’s so well designed.

Poster/postcard/cover image (design by Rowan Arts):

Islington Exhibits 2013 cover image

Chasing Shadows – shutters (Islington Exhibits 2013 programme cover image)

Programme insert (design by Rowan Arts):

Islington Exhibits 2013 programme insert 2

Chasing Shadows – shutters (Islington Exhibits 2013 programme insert)

Wowee, we’re in the paper!

A really nice article by Islington Tribune/Camden Review about mine and Bekki Perriman‘s shows:

For more information on my exhibition click here.

Here’s another picture from the series


Chasing Shadows – wire window

For more information on Islington Exhibits 2013 click here

Islington Exhibits is produced by Rowan Arts with support from Cripplegate Foundation, Arts Council England and Islington Council.

Chasing Shadows – time based installation: Islington Exhibits 2013

From 15th-31st July 2013 Chasing Shadows will be shown as a large scale time based installation – a solo show as part of Islington Exhibits 2013.  For more information on the exhibition click here.

The installation, in an otherwise uninhabited space, is a large scale single screen projection in which frozen moments are  re-presented as transitory echoes of the original, each dissolving into the next in a slow, rhythmic loop.

This is a test of the projection at the point of near completion.  The projection is lined up exactly onto an area of the wall painted white, which is what makes it stand out so vividly from its surroundings.


Chasing Shadows – shutters (test – time based installation)

The exhibition was commissioned as the winner of one of two Artists Awards.  For more information on the Artists Awards click here.

The exhibition is open every day from 10am-6pm every day until 31st July, at Unit 38 The Studios, Hornsey Street, London N7 8GR. Information here.

For more information on the exhibitions all across Islington click here.  There are also curated walks and events, including guided talks of the Award Winners show.  For information click here.

Islington Exhibits is produced by Rowan Arts with support from Cripplegate Foundation, Arts Council England and Islington Council.

Islington Exhibits 2013: Opening night!

Last night was the private view of the exhibitions, and it was both a surreal and amazing experience!

More information, and photos etc, about the exhibitions to follow, but in the meantime here are some related articles:

Opening night review

Interview about my work


Chasing Shadows – wisteria wall

Islington Exhibits sneak preview

The programme launches 15th July!  Here’s a picture of a test image earlier in the week:


Chasing Shadows – wisteria wall (test – time based installation)

Visit Unit 38, Hornsey St, London N7 to see the end result. 10am-6pm, every day.

Chasing Shadows is part of Islington Exhibits, an initiative to unlock hidden venues in Islington and give artists and craftspeople a space to display their work. It takes place on 15-31 July 2013.   Visit for more information and the full programme of exhibitions and events.

Islington Exhibits is produced by Rowan Arts with support from Cripplegate Foundation, Arts Council England and Islington Council.

Islington Exhibits 2013 Awards Announced!

The Awards for Islington Exhibits 2013 has been announced.  To see the full line up click here and here

Here’s another image that I’ll be showing:


Chasing Shadows – shutters

To see the rest of the Chasing Shadows series click here