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Life Framer Edition II Annual

The Life Framer Edition II Annual is out now and selling like hot cakes!  From a limited edition run of 300, I think there’s now about 30 copies left for sale.

Featuring images from 100 photographers, the annual includes my photograph from Cornish Roads (hedges), in Flow, one of the shortlisted winners for the theme Colours.

Life Framer Edition II NJMaskrey

Life Framer is an award designed to source and showcase outstanding photography from amateur, emerging and established photographers, aiming to bring exposure to talented photographers from all over the world.


Come find me on Artfinder…

You can now find me, and buy limited or single edition prints, at my Artfinder shop:

Artfinder is a global marketplace for affordable authentic art, connecting independent artists and galleries with art lovers.

With a wide range of paintings, photographs and prints from artists all over the world, Artfinder artists only sell single or limited edition works. You can search for individual artists, or browse by media,price range, or theme.

My work for sale includes:

  • Single edition hand made lith prints and selected limited edition reproduction Giclee prints from ‘Chasing Shadows
  • Limited edition Giclee prints from ‘Adventures in a Suburban Garden‘, as well as this table is sad…‘, and also ‘…and then I was the wind
  • Limited edition hand made Polaroid Emulsion Lifts from ‘Ophelia #1-6′ as well as selected limited edition reproduction Giclee prints (coming soon)
  • I’ll also be selling selected limited edition Giclee prints of other single works and series – ranging from time to time

Here are some examples of what you can find:

Chasing Shadows - steps

Chasing Shadows – steps

this table is sad because no one is sitting at it one is sitting at it

this table is sad because no one is sitting at it one is sitting at it

Night Tent (St Ives)

Night Tent (St Ives)

You can buy work outright directly from artists as well as galleries, and also buy art now and pay later in installments through Artfinder’s interest free credit scheme.  Buyers are protected by Artfinder’s free Refund and Returns policy